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How To Sharpen A Pruning Saw

You can always tell a professional by the way he looks after his tools and knowing how to sharpen a pruning saw means you will always have a trusty tool in your arsenal.  Good tools are expensive, and if you make your living using any kind of tools for your job, whether you’re a plumber or a gardener you must know how to look after them.

A pruning saw is an incredibly useful tool to own, especially if you have a lot of a shrubs and trees in your garden, or you work in the landscaping industry.  Pruning saws come in many varieties, from simple hand held ones that will help you thin out shrubs or low tree branches, to sophisticated power pruning saws that can reach up high without the need for a ladder.

The most important part of a pruning saw is obviously the blade.  You could purchase the most expensive pruning saw on the market, but if the blade is dull and dirty, the simple task of lopping a few branches will become difficult. Instead of spending all that extra time and effort struggling with a dull pruning saw, you should spend some time learning how to sharpen it.  It only takes a few minutes, and you’ll have a trusty tool that will make your work quicker and much easier and you’ll also save the expense of having to buy new blades.

A pruning saw is a cross-cutting saw. It is designed to cut on the down stroke. That means you’re not fighting the weight of the saw and gravity by pushing the saw up through the wood.  If you look closely at the teeth of your pruning saw, you’ll see they have beveled edges that are sharp on only one side, the side you pull towards you as you work.

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You’ll also notice that the teeth are very long and thin and the tops of those points are flat. You will need to purchase a special file to sharpen your pruning saw because of this unusual configuration. Don’t try to use any other kind of file, because you’ll end up ruining your pruning saw’s teeth and wasting a lot of energy.  If you are going out to purchase your first pruning saw, buy the correct file at the same time! If you look at the file end on, it will be diamond shaped and rather thin.

Clamp you pruning saw blade so the points you’re going to sharpen are facing away from you. Sharpening any cross-cut type of saw means you will be sharpening every other tooth.  If you stand face on to the blade, you’re going to be pulling the file across the surface to be sharpened at an angle, not forwards and backwards.  Take a few minutes to examine the teeth before you start, and you’ll understand.

Draw the file towards you, don’t push it backwards and forwards! It should only take two or three strokes to sharpen each tooth.  When you’re satisfied with your work, turn the blade around and work on the other teeth.

It only takes a couple of minutes.of minutes once you get the hang of it. Longer blades may take 10 or 15 minutes, but you will save that time and a lot of effort once you know how to sharpen a pruning saw correctly.